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Outdoor Kitchens
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Need an outdoor kitchen or BBQ? 

Outdoor kitchens are great for many reasons:

- Beautifying your home for yourself and others. An outdoor kitchen will be an extension of your home and will be a lovely place to retreat to and make your home so much more pleasant;   

- Being able to enjoy the out of doors with family and friends. What a treat for nice weather days to perhaps invite friends and family over for an outdoor barbecue;

- The ability and convenience of being outside when your cooking instead of indoors. Keep the cooking, the heat, the fumes and the fun out in the open air. In the summer this will keep your indoor kitchen cooler if there's a lot of cooking or grilling;

- Keep the party outside which may be important at times. An outdoor kitchen and patio may be the perfect way to have a crowd over without the concern of a lot of people inside your home; 

- Having an outdoor kitchen could increase the value of your home. In many cases potential buyers will be very pleased with such an addition on a home.

Having ConcreteAndMoreNow design and create for you a new Outdoor Kitchen will be a wonderful addition to your home. We can sure help you to make it happen and for your dreams to come true!

ConcreteAndMoreNow can help you with that. ConcreteAndMoreNow does custom stamped concrete patios, landscape walls, outdoor kitchens, steps, stairs, walks, and custom concrete work of various types. 

ConcreteAndMoreNow can create something that you and your family can enjoy for years. Marvin and Mel and their crew at ConcreteAndMoreNow have been doing this work for years and they are professionals in the Concrete-Stamped-Patio business. They can put together a beautiful outdoor kitchen and barbecue for you that will get the neighbors talking. Check out the reviews on the testimony page to see how pleased their customers have been with their exceptional work! 

Contact them today for free estimate. You won't be disappointed. Marvin or Mel will be glad to get back to you. 

Thanks for stopping and have a terrific day!