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Special Warranty Situations 
Concerning Salt on Concrete
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Special Warranty Situations Concerning Salt 
on Concrete Patios, Driveways, Sidewalks, etc.

ConcreteAndMoreNow (aka D&M Concrete) Fort Wayne Indiana, is not liable for salt damage that might occur to a customer's concrete after a job is completed by our company.  This could happen by the customer throwing rock salt on the concrete to melt snow or that falls off of a vehicle parked on the driveway etc.

The following is an excerpt from an article on entitled -

"What Are the Causes of Pitting in Concrete?"

Here is the excerpt:

Climate in the parts of the United States that have snow and ice in the winter can be especially brutal on concrete. Ice and snow that are left on the surface can cause pitting from the cycle of freezing and melting from night to day. In the sunlight, ice may melt and the water penetrates the surface of the concrete, and will freeze again at night. The expansion of the ice within the top surface of the concrete slowly ruptures, forming tiny craters which continue to expand. Over subsequent seasons, those pockets continue to grow until they are visible and ultimately can start breaking apart the structure. The freeze-thaw cycle, as it is known, is the most common cause of pitting in concrete.

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