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Stamped Patios
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Stamped Concrete Patios are our Specialty

If you're looking for the best stamped concrete patio installation in Fort Wayne Indiana, Concreteandmorenow is the right team. We install and create concrete patios that are custom-made to match your desired style and look. We offer excellent customer service and construction to ensure your satisfaction. We have colors and styles to choose from so you can have the perfect look for your patio.

We are experts in the concrete patio industry, with many years of experience. With very little maintenance, your new concrete patio will look great for years. If you're looking for a cost-effective and durable way to update your outdoor space, then an outdoor patio or kitchen will be a great choice!

Every day we at ConcreteAndMoreNow are hard at work for our customers in the many types of work that we do in custom concrete, but our main specialty are the beautiful patios we do called stamped concrete patios.  We create and install these beautiful Concrete Patios. We are Concrete Patio Installers. These patios are custom made by our crew in the many beautiful and rugged design patterns that we offer.  We setup and pour the stamped concrete patios with much care, stamping out the custom patterns resembling rock and stone.  We also use various release color dyes that make the concrete look like actual slate, granite and even wood. (take a look at some stamping patterns here.)  

We work with the customer personally to arrive at the perfect design and final appearance for their stamped concrete patio that will fit their needs. We don't skimp on quality or workmanship. We strive to do a superb job for every one of our customers. 

The concrete for the patio is able to be colored and we have a large assortment of colors to choose from (color samples). Once we pour the concrete we dust it with a release agent which also adds an accent of color further for amazing looking results.  We stamp the concrete with one of the many designs we have to make the finished look to be like Granite, Slate Rock or even Wood.  (See our concrete finish stamp designs).  We also have special custom artistic designs we do for our customers.  

The finished result is amazing and our customers regularly give us great reviews on our work and craftsmanship.  

As well as custom stamped concrete patios installation creation and design, we also do landscape walls, outdoor kitchens, steps, stairs, walks, and custom concrete work of various types.  

If you are looking for a Stamped Concrete Patio we are your source, so call us today and we'll be glad to come out and talk to you about your new dream patio that you have been waiting for.

Contact us today for free estimate. You won't be disappointed. 

Thanks for stopping and have a terrific day!
Marvin and Mel. 
Stamped Patios